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Tordi Garh
Tordi Garh Map

Tordi Village in of the fiefdoms of the Khangarot Clan, an offshoot of the Kushwaha dynasty that ruled Jaipur & Amer. In 16th century Th. Akhey Singh, of the descendants of Khangar Singh (the founder of Khangarot clan) overthrew the regional chief & built a fortress on the top of the hill which can see even today, although it is in ruins.

Later the village was inhabited by people accompanying Singh in the battle and insignias near the ruined step well and elderly cenotaphs in the area mark the courage of these warriors. The fort and the palace were built much later in the plains below the hills.

The village lies on the fringe of the Aravali ranges & the foot hills of the Aravali range with a ruined fortress atop, gently slope in to a series of sand dunes. The reservoir with a network of canals lined with date trees, temples tucked in to different corners of the hills, an ancient step well, hamlets of tribal settlements are unusual to be in village.

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