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Tanjore Map

Previously known as Tanjore, Thanjavur in the state of Tamil Nadu is an ancient fortified town with an excellent history dating back over 1500 years. Thanjavur was the ancient capital of the Chola kings whose origins date back to the beginning of Christianity. Tamil Nadu’s most awesome Chola monument is located in Thanjavur.

Tanjore Facts

• Area 15.36 sq. km
• Population 202013
• Altitude 59 m
• Languages Tamil, English
• Best Time to Visit October-April
• STD Code 04362

Tourist Attractions in Tanjore

Tanjore has various important places that are visited by lots of tourists all the year round. The influence of history, religion & nature are visible in all the places of attraction here. It is primarily a place for art lovers, those liking temple architecture & monuments. In the work of their reign, the Cholas made significant contributions to various disciplines of art & architecture. The famous Thanjavur painting style was developed by Serfoji, the 19th-century Maharaja of Thanjavur. The Brihadeeswara temple, the Palace, the Art Gallery & the Saraswati Mahal Library are some other things to be seen in Tanjore.

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