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    • Sravasti
Sravasti MapSravasti is an important historical & religious attraction in Uttar Pradesh. It is said that Lord Buddha spent 25 years living in the monastery of Jetavana that is situated in Sravasti. The city also has the pride of being the place where plenty of of Vinaya rules, Jatakas & Sutras were first discussed.

It is at Sravasti only where Lord Buddha is meant to have astonished rival teachers by performing miracles & transformed Angulimal from a dacoit in to a Buddhist monk. They also delivered lots of important sermons here. The 21 meters high pillars erected by Emperor Ashoka mark these sites.

Saheth covers an area of around 35 square kilometres and is located in the heart of Sravasti. It rose to prominence when excavation works revealed that Saheth was the original site of one time magnanimous Jetavana monastery.

Maheth is another important cluster of shrines in Sravasti. Though not as famous as Saheth, Maheth also has a cluster of shrines that are very popular among the tourists visiting Sravasti. In fact, Maheth was the actual site of Sravasti city. Spread across the area of near about 400 acres, Maheth was the site of numerous shrines & Stupas.
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