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Pushkar Map

Sitting on the fringe of the desert and clinging to the side of a tiny lake, Pushkar is an ancient Rajasthani town thought about by Hindus to be of the most sacred places in India.
Life in Pushkar is significantly related to the ancient lake. Legend has it the lake was formed when a lotus flower fell in to the valley from the hands of Brahma. It is said the waters have special healing powers. As such, Pushkar has  500-whitewashed temples and 52 bathing ghats surrounding the lake, which are often full of pilgrims and sadhus. Each ghat is named after an event or person. Primary amongst them is Gau Gaht, where visiting ministers and politicians come to worship, and from which the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were sprinkled.

Pushkar Facts:

• Area 16.34 sq. km
• Population 14,789
• Altitude 486 metres above sea level
• Languages Hindi, Rajasthani, English
• Best Time to Visit October to mid-March
• STD Code 014581

Tourist Attractions in Pushkar

Pushkar has a huge number of attractions. Besides picturesque sites, there's around 400 temples here. A quantity of the holy places that are worth visiting are the Brahma Temple, Nag Hill, Gau Ghat, Markendeya Rishi Ashram, Agastya Muni Ashram, Pap Mochini Temple and Gaya Kund. The Savitri Temple and the Pushkar Bazaar are also worth a visit.

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