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Puri MapPuri is a holy town for Hindus and is located on the eastern coast of India. Basically obtainable from all major towns and cities of India, its wide beaches offering breathtaking views of dawn and sundown, fishing farms and excellent resorts make it an important tourist location. The famous temple of Lord Jagannath along with the annual Rath yatra festival bring thousands of tourists every year. The Jagannath Temple is among most important Hindu pilgrimages, or the chardham, the other being Dwarka, Badrinath and Rameshwaram.
Religious life in Puri revolves around the great Jagannath Temple and its famous Rath Yatra, or ‘Festival of Chariots’ when the deities Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra are brought out of the temple, and placed in a chariot procession. This festival occurs on various dates of the Gregorian calendar, usually in the month of July. It is thought that Puri was the hiding place for Buddha’s tooth before it was spirited away to Kandy in neighbouring Sri Lanka.

Puri Facts:

• Area 16.84 sq. km
• Population 1,25,199
• Altitude Sea level
• Languages Oriya, Bengali, Hindi and English
• Best Time to Visit October-April
• STD Code 06752

Tourist Attractions in Puri:

The Jagannath temple, a large temple structure belonging to the Kalinga School of architecture along with the white sand beaches along the Bay of Bengal are the major attractions in Puri. Moreover, the Gundicha ghar, which was the home of Lord Krishna’s aunt, is also an oft visited site in the work of the Rath yatra. The calm & cold atmosphere here makes Puri a quiet getaway.
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