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Pipli MapLocated between Bhubaneshwar & Puri in Orissa, the village of Pipli is named the applique capital of the state.
Applique is a craft rooted in the Jagannath cult. Geometric motifs & stylized flowers, birds & animals are cut out of bright coloured cloth & sewn onto black backgrounds. distinct from patchwork, the resultant effect of pure bold colors in floral & animal shapes emerging from a background of contrasting color is breathtaking in the simplicity of the vibrant collage.

These applique works range from the items crafted in traditional forms, such as chanduas (canopies), chhatris (umbrella) and batuas (pouches) that are used in religious functions, to the more popular umbrellas, bags, ladies hand bags, wall hangings, lamp shades, bed covers, pillow covers and letter holders that they can all find some use at home for. Indeed, Pipli craftspeople are responsible for the chhatris or little canopies that are suspended above the presiding deity of lots of Orissan temples
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