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Pelling MapThe lofty Buddhist town of Pelling (2085m) in the state of Sikkim sits on a ridge, down the road from Pemayangtse Gompa. Affording fabulous views north to the Himalayas and mighty Kanchenjunga - the world’s third highest mountain, Pelling is a ideal start point for adventurers undertaking challenging and scenic treks in West Sikkim. The pristine countryside around Pelling, is carpeted with lush alpine vegetation and known for its beautiful waterfalls, Kanchenjungha and Chhange Falls. In the months of winter, Pelling is sometimes covered with a blanket of snow.

Framed on sides by awesome snow-capped mountains and glacial ridges, hallowed Pemayangtse is of the principal monasteries in the state of Sikkim. Founded in the 17th century and extended in 1705, the monastery, which has been reconstructed several times, is the main centre of the Nyingmapa sect, established in the 8th century AD. The followers of the sect wear red caps than the yellow ones worn by monks in other monasteries.

With expansive views of the Kanchenjunga massif from the outside, the interior’s walls are adorned with traditional frescoes depicting Buddhist themes. An additional fascinating feature is the depiction of Sang Thok Palri; the celestial abode of Guru Rinpoche, rising above the realm of hell. Near the monastery, there's the traditional austere dwellings of the monks.
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