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Osian MapOsian was one time a prosperous trading centre between 8 and 12 centuries and it's some of the oldest Jain and Hindu temples in Rajasthan.

The oldest group of temples are the Vishnu and Harihara temples which were built in the Pratihara period of the eighth and ninth centuries, located within the town. The Jain and Hindu temples (dating from 11th - 12th century) can be found on a hill that overlooks the town. No temples are the same and each temple has its own distinctive design. All were built form the stone from the area.

The temples that belong to the 11th and 12th centuries are grouped in to North, West and South group. The South group includes Harihara Hindu temples. A temple well worth exploring is the Harihara I temple. The central shrine stands on a terrace surrounded by other smaller shrines, known as a panchavatan temple. The Harihara III temple has beautifully decorated walls and was built a few years after Harihara I. There's sculptures of Lord Krishna and Radha in dancing poses. The West group contains a mix of Hindu temples and an 11th century Jain (Mahavira) temple.
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