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Udhagamandalam, still more often known as ‘Ooty’ in reference to a shortening of its anglicized name, Ottacamund, is a scenic ex-British hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu.
The history of Ooty goes back to about 900 years when it was ruled by Vishnu Vardhana, the Hoysala king from AD 1104 to 1141. The city also finds mention in the writing of Jacome Ferico, the first European to visit this place in 1603. In 1799, this hilly region came under the control of the British East India Company. Ooty made its presence felt in the tourist map of India. With the maximum temperature going up to 25°C, Ooty offers a pleasant climate all year long. can visit this picturesque hill station at any time of the year though the ideal time is from February to May & September to November.

Ooty Facts

• Area 30.67 sq. km
• Population 81,763
• Altitude 2,286 metres above sea level
• Languages Tamil, English
• STD Code 0423
• Best time to visit February–May and September–November

Tourist Attractions in Ooty

The Botanical Garden is a ideal tourist spot besides being a source of information about the region’s flora. a visit to the Ooty Lake is a must for boat riding & fishing souls. Besides these, there's various view points like Lamb’s Rock, Kodanadu & Dodabetta Peak that offer fascinating views.

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