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Nainital MapNainital was discovered by Europeans in 1841 and quickly became a popular hill retreat, with its peanut formed lake and set in a mountain hollow. Today Nainital is still a popular hill retreat and it is a great base for exploring Kumaon.

The lake is a draw card, with sailing being popular. At night, the lake shimmers with the lights from the surrounding hillside villages. There's numerous trail walks around the lake, all with stunning views. Surrounding the lake are seven hills, Ayarpata (two,235 metres); Deopata (two,273 metres); Handi Bandi (two,139 metres); Cheena (two,611 metres); Alma (two,270 metres); Laria Kanta (two,481 metres) and Sher-ka-Danda (two,217 metres). Of these, Ayarpata is so called from Ayar tree (Andromeda ovalifolia) and Handi Bandi from the echo (or devil's laughter) which it is said can be heard here. Sher-ka-Danda means the tiger's ridge and Laria Kanta is said to have been named after some forgotten goddess.

Nainital Facts

• Area 11.73 sq. km
• Population 38,560
• Altitude 1938 metres above sea level
• Languages Hindi, Kumaoni, English
• STD Code 05942
• Best time to visit Between March and June and mid-September to October

Tourist Attractions in Nainital

The hill station of Nainital offers a brilliant retreat from the hectic life of towns and cities. The high-rising Himalayas, the tree-covered hillsides, stunning walks and enchanting lakes mesmerize all those who visit this place. Some of the fascinating spots that can be visited here are Snow View, Naini Peak, Dorothy’s stool, Land’s finish, Hanuman Garhi, State Observatory and the Mall.

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