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Nagpur MapNagpur is the third largest city in the Indian state of Maharashstra & is famous throughout the country as ‘Orange City’ for being a major trade centre of oranges that are cultivated in the region. The city lies exactly at the centre of the country & India’s geographical centre is designated with the Zero Mile Marker in Nagpur. The name of the city can be roughly translated as the ‘City of the Cobra’, a reference to the Nag River that flows in a serpentine path through Nagpur.
In the 19th century Nagpur was made the capital of the Central Provinces by the British East India Company.

Tourist Attractions in Nagpur:

Nagpur is home to of the largest hollow stupas in the world the sacred Buddhist monument of Deekshabhomi, famous for its architectural beauty and historical importance. The name Deekshabhomi can be interpreted as the land where people convert to Buddhism as it is the site where the Indian political leader Babasaheb Ambedker converted to Buddhism with 380,000 followers in 1956. The location is now regarded as a pilgrimage centre for Buddhism in India
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