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Mount Abu
Mt Abu MapThe town of Mt Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station, located at the southern extremity of the Aravallis range, at an elevation of 1220 metres. Mt Abu is an simple paced town as well as a very popular retreat in the summertime, with people trying to escape the heat of Rajasthan & Gujarat. In the heart of the town is Lake Nakki which is a major tourist attraction where it is feasible to hire boats or take a walk around the lake to see the strange rock formations including the Toad Rock. Beside the lake is the 14th century Raghunath Temple & the Maharaja Jaipur Palace is closeby.

Mt Abu has several Jain temples including the stunning Dilwara group, which were built between 11th & 13th Centuries AD & are carved out of white marble, with some of the best marble carvings in Rajasthan. More fine-looking temples can be found within the Achalgarh fort. The temples are an important pilgrimage site for Jains, who are a little but influential religious minority in India.

Mount Abu Facts

• Area 15.54 sq. km
• Population 30,000
• Altitude 1,220 metres above sea level
• Languages Rajasthani, Hindi
• Best time to visit February-June and September-December
• STD code 02974

Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu

Mt. Abu is the highest point between the Nilgiris in the south & the Himalayas in the north. The location & weather of Mount Abu has given wide selection of vegetation to Mt. Abu. Besides being a popular hill station, this chilled & cosy city is also famous for its temples. There's the Dilwara Temples, which are the finest examples of Jain art & architecture. Episodes from different Jain legends are intricately carved in marble with an immense devotion as they feel filled with life. Tourist Attractions around Mount Abu Mt. Abu offers some nice day-treks to nearby places. Achalgarh (11 km) offers superb views of the environment. The famous Achaleshwar temple here is believed to have Shiva’s toeprint. Guru Shikhar (15 km), set at an altitude of one,720 metres, is the region’s highest peak & offers nice views at dawn.
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