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Manvar MapSet in the heart of Great Indian Thar Desert, Manvar lies between the cities of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Bikaner. It offers a rare opportunity to enjoy Rajasthan's desert life, culture, wildlife and beauty.

Manvar lets you experience the adventure of being "off the beaten track" among the colorful desert people of Rajasthan. There's no grand sights but that is the point; here you will notice a Rajasthan where lifestyle little-changed over the centuries. The journey in to the desert is a chance to come in nearness of village life in of the harshest conditions of the world.

The desert landscape is spellbinding. For miles altogether, there is nothing, but from this aridness groups of females appear & disappear in their vibrant clothes, apparently going nowhere. For sheer excitement, an outing in a rugged - wheel drive vehicle cannot be beaten. Camel treks give a chance to see the splendour of the Thar Desert.

Close by is Khichan, where thousands of migratory birds come every year from October to March . The villagers of Khichan have a special relationship with these birds. In the coursework of the winter season, over 8,000 - ten,000 birds can be seen at Khichan. This phenomenon was nurtured by villager by the name of Ratan Lal Malu Jain, who began to feed these birds two times a day, several years ago.
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