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Majuli Map Majuli is the largest riverine Island located in the great Brahmaputra River. The island originally formed due to work changes by the Brahmaputra River and its numerous tributaries. Threatened by continuous erosion, the island has been shortlisted as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Largely wetland with a rich and diverse agricultural custom, the island harbours plenty of rare and endangered migratory birds and is obtainable by ferry from the city of Jorhat.

Majuli is home to various monasteries & hermitages, known as satras that represent the vibrant culture of Assam. Since the 16th century, the island has been the cultural capital of the Assamese civilization. Written records describe the visit of Sankardeva, a 16th century social reformer who preached a monotheist type of Hinduism called Vaishnavism. They was responsible for establishing the island’s monasteries that now serve as the leading centre of Vaishnavism. These monasteries & satras also preserve antiques, weapons, pottery, jewellery & other items of cultural significance made by the peoples of the island.

The people of the island are tribal folk, professional navigators by boat, whose culture and dance forms stay untouched by modernism. Handloom is a major occupation amongst the villagers with the island’s weaving exquisite and complex, noted for its varied use of colours and textures.
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