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Capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is a sophisticated, cultural and friendly city. Top sights include the Howrah Bridge and vibrant flowermarket which crosses the Hooghly River, Indian Museum and Jain Temple.
Day 1: Kolkata
Once you arrive in Kolkata you are met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is free to explore Kolkata or to relax at the hotel. Overnight – Kolkata

Day 2: City Sightseeing
Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the metropolis, including the Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, the Jain Temple & the Howrah bridge. Formerly known as Calcutta, India’s second-largest city (pop. 14,000,000) is a fascinating east coast metropolis. Visit the Marble Palace mansion to see the paintings & statues, the Jain Temple, Dakshineswar Hindu Temple - 12 Shiva shrines, Belur Math - a temple complex & headquarters of a Monastic Order that is Hindu in origin, the Victoria Memorial, Dalhousie Square (fascinating architecture) & the Nakhoda Mosque. For a spectacular view of the city, climb the Octherlony Monument.

Kolkata is also the home of Sister Teresa’s Ashram Home of Children - a visit there can be an emotional & enlightening experience. For a spot of shopping head to the Maidan (a market) & as in plenty of giant Indian cities, Kolkata has a fascinating train station, worth a visit even if you’re not taking a train. Overnight – Kolkata

Day 3: Kolkata
Transfer to Kolkata airport for your onward fight. Kolkata

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