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Kodaikanal MapKodaikanal, located in the Pali Hills, situated on the western side of south India at an elevation of 2133 metres (7,000 ft), is of the most popular hill stations in all of India. With its forests, mighty rock formations, enchanting waterfalls and a stunning lake, Kodaikanal Lake, it is no wonder. There is no Kodaikanal without a view of the large lake. Kodaikanal Lake is a splendid manmade lake, spread out in a star shape and 24.45 kilometres square it is a main attraction, set among the greenery it is a photographers dream and makes for great shots from all angles. There is and a local boat club which hosts races all year long and also pleasure cruises. Due to drought like conditions and the excessive planting of Eucalyptus trees that draw much more moisture than other plant species, soil erosion and the destruction of local plant species the lake has dropped from around 60 feet in depth to now around ten to 12 feet in dept.
Kodaikanal Facts

• Area 21.83 sq. km
• Population 27,423
• Altitude 2343 m above sea level
• Languages Tamil, English
• Best Time to Visit Throughout the year
• STD Code 04542

Tourist Attractions in Kodaikanal

Once you are in Kodaikanal, the list of places to visit is limitless. You must try to visit as lots of of them as feasible. Beginning from picturesque natural sites like the Kodaikanal Star Formed lake, the Coaker walk & Priest’s walk to scientific & astrological wonder the Solar observatory, the storehouse of botanical species Orchidorium, breathtaking Perumal Peak & Fairy Falls, the list goes on & on.
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