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Khonoma MapKhonoma, a stunning hamlet of Nagaland, is inhabited by the Western Angami community. It offers natural beauty & ecological diversity with dense forests & lush green mountains. Known as The Green Village for its rich flora & fauna, it is where the Angami people protect large parts of their community forests from over hunting & logging. In this respect, the village is distinctive, playing an important role in the conversation of the environment & has its own nature conversation sanctuary.

In the Angami dialect the village name in pronounced as ‘khwunomia’, a conjunction of the words ‘khwuno’, a tiny plant found around the village, & ‘mia’, meaning dwellers. The Angami people were fierce warriors, legendary for their bravery. Khonoma was thought about the last bastion of the Naga warriors in their fight against the British Empire. Now, the village is known for its craftsmanship, the hand woven bamboo baskets.

A trip to Khonoma would not be complete without a visit to the amazing terraced rice fields where twenty different types of rice are cultivated, each depending on the elevation & the soil of each particular block of field.
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