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Hyderabad MapHyderabad, the city of Charminar and capital of Andhra Pradesh, was founded by Quli Qutab Shah Modelled after Isfaan in Iran, the city was meant to be a symbol of the might of the Qutab Shahi rulers. When it was done in 1592, the city received lavish praises from lots of visitors including Tavernier and Abbe Carr. Hyderabad is also the city of splendidly rich Nizams, the tales of whose hordes of gold, diamonds and pearls spread far and wide.

Hyderabad Facts:

• Population 3,058,093 (1991)
• Altitude 537 metres above the sea level
• Languages Telugu, Urdu and English
• Best time to visit October to February
• STD code 040

Tourist Attractions in Hyderabad

Being a city that has been in the centre of affairs for around 400 years, Hyderabad has lots of fascinating places that attract tourists from far and wide.
Sights of interest in the elderly city include the main landmark -  the Charminar, or towers built in 1591, which is surrounded by bustling bazaars housing Hyderabad’s pearl traders. Hyderabad is the centre of India’s pearl trade. Beyond here is the 16th century Mecca Masjid, the 6th largest mosque in India (the inside of which is closed to non-Muslims). The unmissable Salar Jung Museum houses a stunning array of items from the collection of a Salar Jung.
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