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From tropical Goa, journey to the southern state of Karnataka to discover the wonderful ruins of medieval Hampi, the rock cut caves of Badami & the stunning temples of Pattakal & Aihole.
Day 1: Goa to Hampi
Goa - Hampi. This morning drive from Goa to Hampi (about 350kms). On arrival, check in to your hotel & spend the remains of the day at leisure. Overnight – Hampi

Day 2: Hampi sightseeing
Hampi sightseeingHampi is nestled within the ruins of medieval city of Vijayanagar in the state of Karnataka, on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. Set in a surreal & exquisite boulder-strewn landscape, Vijayanagara (the City of Victory) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site & although the city was destroyed by marauding Moghul invanders in the 16th century, much of it remains today.

Enjoy a full day sightseeing tour of the ancient ruins that are spread over 26 sq km area, lots of of which lie in & around Hampi Bazaar & the nearby riverside area, which also encompasses the city’s most sacred enclave of temples & ghats. East of Hampi Bazaar is the UNESCO-listed 16th century Vittala Temple, the undisputed highlight of the ruins. Overnight – Hampi

Day 3: Badami
Badami tourHampi - Badami. This morning depart Hampi & drive to Badami (approx 130 kms), stopping en route to visit the wonderful temples of Pattakal & Aihole. Pattadakal - a World Heritage Site, has ten major temples representing early Chalukaya architecture, the largest of which is dedicated to lord Virupakshesvara. Whilst Aihole, which is called the "Cradle of Indian Architecture", has over a hundred temples scattered around the village.
Set in stunning countryside amongst sandstone hills, lakes and calm farmlands, Badami is magnificently situated in a canyon, and scattered amongst the environment hills are temples, fortifications and carvings.

Badami is best known for its outstanding cave temples. They display the full range of Indian religious sects. of them are dedicated to Vishnu, to Siva and the fourth is a Jain temple. There is and a Buddhist temple in a natural cave.
Upon arrival in Badami, check in to your hotel and freshen up before an afternoon of sightseeing. Overnight – Badami

Day 4: Badami to Goa
Badami - Goa. After breakfast, check out of your hotel and make the scenic journey over the Western Ghats back to Goa (approx 350 kms).

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