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Gwalior MapGwalior is the largest city in northern Madhya Pradesh state and site of of India’s most magnificent hilltop forts. Under Man Singh, who ascended to the throne in 1486, Gwalior’s hilltop gained the palaces and fortifications that can still see today.
Gwalior Fort occupies an isolated rock outcrop, & is surrounded by high walls, which enclose buildings from several periods. Its mighty turreted battlements encompass palaces, Jain sculptures, & an assortment of temples, water tanks & cisterns.

Gwalior Facts

• Area 289.85 sq km

• Population 11,01,981

• Altitude 212 metres above sea level

• Languages Hindi and English

• Best Time to Visit October-March

• STD code 0751

Tourist Attractions in Gwalior

The majestic Gwalior fort is of the largest forts in India. The Man Mandir Palace & the Gujari Mahal are other fascinating sights in Gwalior. The Sas-Bahu Temples are 11th-century temples of Lord Vishnu while Teli-ka-Mandir is a 300-metre-high Vishnu temple of the 9th century. Some other important attractions of Gwalior are Suraj Kund, Tansen Memorial, the tomb of Mohammad Ghaus, Kala Vithika, Surya Mandir, & Scindia Museum.

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