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    • Deogarh
Deogarh Map

Deogarh is about 80 miles north-east of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. As it is at a height of about 2100 ft above sea level, it is cooler than other parts of Rajasthan.

In the olden times, 'Rawat', chief of Deogarh, was of sixteen umraos (feudal barons) entitled to wait on the Maharana of Udaipur, the capital of Mewar. 'Thikanas' was the name given to these type of feudal estates which were sanctioned by the ruling Maharana to a nobleman either due to blood relationship or for an act of courage.

Deogarh Facts

• Area 24 sq. km
• Population 16,500
• Altitude 211 metres above sea level
• Languages Hindi, Rajasthani, and English
• Best Time to Visit September to May
• STD Code 02951

Tourist Attractions in Deogarh

Deogarh offers limited sightseeing options which include Deogarh Fort & Palace & Anjaneshwar Mahadev temple. The glorious Deogarh Palace now operates as a heritage hotel. Gokal Vilas is the house of present Rawat, a widely known art historian. The ruins of the Anjaneshwar Mahadev temple dates back to over 2,000 years.

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