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Coimbatore MapCharming Coimbatore was known as Korai, was first setteled by the Irular tribes of Kovan. It was conquered by the Cholas and there were other kings of various dynasties who ruled until finally the British took over and named it Coimbatore. Now there's over 5000 little, medium and giant textile mills. The black soil, nice rains and water resources had made it a major agricultural centre, with cotton being grown in bulk, making Coimbatore a textile city.

Situated on the banks of the Noyyal River, today Coimbatore is known to be the Manchester of South India. It also the textile capital of South India. The other major industries are machinery, automobile spares, motors, electronics, and steel and aluminum foundries.

Coimbatore Facts

. Area 105.60 sq. km . Population 8,16,321 . Altitude 43.2 m above sea level . Languages Tamil, English . STD Code 0422 . Best time to visit December and March

Tourist Attractions in Coimbatore

Nestled in the glooms of the Western Ghats & endowed with a enjoyable climate all year long, Coimbatore is of the fascinating tourist spots of South India. The city has a variety of flora & fauna & its landscape is speckled with magnificent temples. The city also has a major agricultural university. Some other attractions include VOC Park, Marudhamalai Temple, Perur Temple & Forest College.
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