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Chitwan National Park
Royal Chitwan National Park was the first national park of Nepal, established in 1973 to preserve a unique ecosystem. The park covering a pristine area of 932 sq. km is situated in the subtropical inner Terai lowlands of southern central part of Nepal. UNESCO included this area on the list of World Heritage Sites in 1984.

Formerly, the Chitwan valley was widely known for large game and was exclusively managed as a hunting reserve for the Rana Prime Ministers and their guests until 1950. In 1963, the area south of Rapti was demarcated as a rhinoceros sanctuary. In 1970, His late Majesty King Mahendra had approved in principle the creation of Royal Chitwan National Park.

The park is renowned for the protection of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, tiger and gharial crocodile along with plenty of other common species of wild animals. Endangered species of animals in the park include gaur, wild elephant, horned antelope, striped hyena, pangolin, gangetic dolphin, monitor lizard and python. A number of the other animals present in the park are samber, chital, hog deer, barking deer, sloth bear, common leopard, ratel, palm civet, wild dog, langur and rhesus monkey.

The park is also home to 450 species of birds. Among the endangered birds present in the park are Bengal florican, giant hornbill, lesser florican, black stork and white stork.
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