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Chandigarh MapThe most striking thing about Chandigarh is the expanse of dazzling blue sky against the backdrop the mountains. As approaches the city, the jagged skyline of the Shivalik Hills looms giant over the city. The gets its name from an elderly temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi. Politically, Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana & Punjab besides being a union territory. At the time of partition between India & Pakistan, Lahore erstwhile capital of capital of Punjab went to Pakistan. So Chandigarh was designed by renowned Italian architect Edouard ‘Le Corbusier’ Jeanneret, who fashioned Chandigarh as a city of ‘Sun, Space & Verdure’. Today, the city has over half a million people living in a quantity of the living conditions that the country has to offer.

Chandigarh Facts

• Area 69.63 sq. km

• Population 9,60,787

• Altitude 304–365 m above sea level

• Languages Spoken Punjabi, Hindi, English

• STD Code 0172

Tourist Attractions in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, being of the most modern cities in the country, does not have plenty of historical attractions. However the Rock Garden, Rose Garden , Leisure Valley, a garland of gardens that beautifies the city are some of the breath taking attraction of the city. Government Museum and Art Gallery showcases some important stone sculptures of ancient India.

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