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Bharatpur MapBandhavgarh is situated at 225 km from The walled town of Bharatpur in Rajasthan is a stone’s throw from the border with Uttar Pradesh state. Boasting the giant Lohagarh Fort (built in 1732) and traditional markets and mosque’s, it’s a nice place to relax and explore. However, the actual reason to come to Bharatpur is to visit Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Keoladeo Ghana is rated as of the finest bird reserves in the world. Keoladeo’s 29 of swamps & lakes constitute of the most important breeding & migratory areas in the world, where from October - March the some 200 and local species are joined by an additional 130 species from as far afield as the Russian Steppes & Central Asia.

Bharatpur Facts

• Area 29 sq. km

• Altitude 250 m above sea level

• Best time to visit October to March

• STD code 05644

Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park offer shelter to an astonishing range of flora and fauna. Birds come in waves to this national park in waves. From August till November, it is indigenous water birds. October sees the first lot of migrants arriving from Central Asia, Mongolia and Siberia. The most eagerly awaited lot is the gravely threatened Siberian crane. By march most of these leave the national park. the park is also the adobe to several animals like the sambar, nilgai (blue bull), jungle cat and mongoose in the coursework of summer. A bicycle or rickshaw ride through this sanctuary is an unforgettable experience. Most parts of the sanctuary is available on a bicycles or rickshaws that is available for hiring with the wildlife authorities at the main gate.

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